Video. DIY. viDIY. Get it?

$150 Highlight Videos

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Example Videos


Wedding or Event

Travel Adventure

Everyday Life


How does this work?

Step 1

Rent your $150 Vidiy GoPro. 


Step 2

Choose your most creative guest to be your shooters or shot yourself!


Step 3

Get some basic training & have a rockin' event or excursion!


Step 4

Return your Vidiy kit with the prepaid return label.


Step 5

View your edited, action-packed highlight video 10 days after your footage is received.


Step 6

Share it online with your people.



Who is VIDIY?


It's not a huge enterprise. We all currently work together and shoot wedding photos at Innovatory Photography. I'm Joe Porter, the owner of both. I love documenting with video in the most natural way possible. I'm married to Amanda, who has been my partner in business for 6 years. Then there's Jake and Kyle who are the magical video editors. 

What kind of video will I get?

The nerdy answer? A 720p HD video which plays nice with Insta, Facebook or the YouTubes.

This is meant to be a shareable, online highlight video of your day - not a DVD to send to grandma.


My wedding or event is not in the Cincinnati area. 

That wasn't a question. But no worries! We simply ship you the Vidiy Kit along with a prepaid shipping label for you to return the kit back to us after your event.


What's stopping me from getting my own GoPros and editing the footage myself?

Absolutely nothing.


How close to my event date can we purchase the kit?

We need at least 2 weeks lead time to do the boring stuff like planning and logistics. 


Do you provide any training?

Yep. It will look something like this. (that was your cue to click) 


What if my loser friends don't shoot ANY video at the wedding?

First we would say that you need new friends. But we would then refund you $100 if there is literally no footage to edit.

Of course, there is an inherent risk in counting on your friends to shoot video, so choose your shooters wisely. We will provide brief training videos for your guest shooters with some basic DO's and DON'Ts.


Approximately how long will my highlight video be?

1-2 minutes, probably longer depending on the quantity and quality of footage we receive.


I think I'm looking for something more professionally done. Whatcha got?

Funny you should ask. We have some people doing things over at Innovatory Photography. If you are looking for good quality audio of the ceremony and toasts or just a less risky highlight video they've got you covered.


How do I hire you guys?

Click the "Let's do this" button below and it will walk you through the online purchase process.


Can I get more than 1 GoPro?

Yep! Just ask. For each additional GoPro, it will be an additional $100 fee plus another $100 refundable deposit.